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A little about our web design philosophy…

Thursday, July 10th, 2008

Having a professionally marketed dynamic website is a two part venture. The first part is building a contemporary eye-catching site that surfers will surf because they enjoy it, either for the sake of content, ease of shopping, or some other benefit. The design is your visual pitch to the prospective client.

Part two involves your search engine marketing, authority links, and general (and targeted) traffic generation. The obvious fact that a well designed, beautifully crafted, multimedia site is useless if nobody sees it.

Epiphany Digital

Tuesday, April 1st, 2008

We just launched and registered the name “Epiphany Digital” with the county.  “Stop 1 Photo” is good for another four years, so we’ll just be phasing it out over time.  It’s a good name, but too many think we’re a film drop shop and we didn’t start the business with web development in mind.  Some poor planning on our part leads to some new development, strategy, and overwhelming victory.  I’m, as usual, incredibly optimistic.

That Florist Shop & One Way Media

Tuesday, November 20th, 2007

We are partnering with That Florist Shop to offer our customers 10% off each others services! So now receive 10% off your floral arrangements for your wedding or event with any photo package! What a deal! Listen for their radio prize drawing for your chance to win $100 towards any portrait package we offer!

If that wasn’t enough, One Way Media is offering our customers 20% off videography services for any event that both Stop One Photo and One Way Media are retained for!


See us in Tidbits of Shasta County, based in Redding, CA!

Tuesday, November 20th, 2007

See us in Shasta Tidbits. Mention our ad and receive an additional 5% off any service we offer for the month of December! Our flier is going out with Shasta Tidbits at this year’s Turkey Trot and we’re giving away $50 coupons for family portraits up through the New Year as well as coupons for free hosting with any web site for all of 2008.

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