Using Drush on a Shared Hosting Account

This gets you the latest version of PHP that Hostgator provides with the latest version of Drush that will run on PHP 5.3.27.  Newer versions of Drush require 5.3.3 or newer, but this is better than nothing.  This is probably the same on any host that isn’t up to date and runs a cPanel solution.

  1. First off, download Drush 5.x from GitHub and unzip it to ~/drush (
    1. wget
    2. unzip 5.x
    3. mv drush-5.x drush
  2. Edit your ~/.bashrc file and add:
    1. vi ~/.bashrc
    2. alias drush=”~/drush/drush”
    3. alias php=”/opt/php53/bin/php”
    4. Esc : wq Enter
  3. Refresh your current session so these new rules can take effect:
    1. source ~./bashrc
  4. To verify PHP is running version 5.3 or newer, from the command line type:
    1. php -v
  5. To verify Drush is running, run:
    1. drush st
  6. If your output is like the following, success!
    1. PHP configuration : /usr/local/lib/php.ini
      Drush version : 5.0-dev
      Drush configuration :

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