Trackbacks and Beatdowns

Um… haha. Well, apparently there’s someone out there looking for more glossary terms. I should create a new term for these kind of wonderful people who don’t read what you write in exchange for a link to their website. Wait. What’s that you say? One already exists? Soulsucker?

I get this stuff all the time for this site, and I just think it’s weird. It’s not useful. It’s not relevant.

What do you, my imaginary reader(s), think about posting trackbacks like this? Harmless waste of time for the blog owner? Trackbacker needs to be dragged into the Interstate by upper lip?

A new trackback on the post "Web Developer's Glossary" is waiting for your approval

Website : textile reports (IP: ,
URL    : http://eutextilenewsDOTblogspotDOTcom
Trackback excerpt: 
<strong>Great website...</strong>

Cool post, I really enjoyed reading it. I will check out your site for some more content on this subject....

EDIT: I already got a useless trackback on this post. It’s been five minutes.

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